Trenton Country Club Wedding

Couples portraits taken out the Trenton Country Club wedding venue

A historic, timeless, and immaculately cared-for golf club wedding venue in Trenton, New Jersey. I’m not a keen golfer, but I totally get the appeal. Being in the great outdoors, spending a relaxing afternoon with your pals, and occasionally hitting a ball as far as you can – what’s not to like. And at the end of it you even have a lovely private club to relax in with all of your golfing buddies. Some of these golf clubs are also pretty old. Heavily established venues that have been playing host to golfers from around the world for centuries. One such place, and our wedding venue for today, is the Trenton Country Club wedding venue. A landmark location in Trenton New Jersey, that has been open since 1897!

Trenton Country Club wedding ceremony spaces

Whether you’re an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding kinda couple, Trenton Country Club has got a stunning space just for you. If you decide to exchange your vows in the open air, there are multiple locations you can choose to stage it in. My personal favorite is a particular stretch of grass, framed by bushes and trees, with a domed pergola at the end. It’s the perfect size for a small/medium size wedding of around 150-200 people, and benefits from being surrounded by tall greenery, gifting it a very intimate, private feel.

A timeless location, with a tantalizing past

For me, the wedding venue at Trenton Country Club is the perfect blend of refined ambiance, with an abundance of amenities. Meaning it’s a timeless location, with a tantalizing past, but it in no way feels old or lacks in modern necessities. Its grand, but not ostentatious. It’s elegant, without being stuffy. It’s what many of my couples have called their dream wedding venue, and it’s so easy to see why.

Add your name to their famous leather-bound registry book

The illustrious Trenton Country Club has had the most famous, and influential men of the last century grace their fairways. From Roosevelt and Rockefeller to Chaplin and Crosby (Bing, not Bill) are just some of the many stars that have crossed their threshold. And now me, Kartheek, your friendly New Jersey wedding photographer will share why I think you should add your name to their leather-bound registry.

Wonderfully spacious, without losing any charm or intimacy

Inside you have some wonderful choices too, for both your ceremony and reception. All of their spaces are of course, super elegant. And in particular, their clubhouse offers not just refinement, but also a lovely vintage backdrop to your celebrations. Besides the historic clubhouse, there also two ballrooms at Trenton Country Club available for wedding hire. The Washington ballroom is wonderfully spacious, and is perfect for larger occasions, but without losing any charm or intimacy. If you are planning a smaller affair, and need a space that accommodates around 300 guests, then The Woodruff Room would be a simple choice. Private, cozy, and quiet. This is a beautiful ballroom that is gifted with a wealth of natural light pouring in through huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Trenton Country Club guarantees the process of planning your wedding will be totally stress-free

They say an army marches on their stomachs. And in my experience, wedding guests vote with their stomachs. When you attend a wedding, and the food is bad, it’s the first thing you remember from that big day! But rest assured, the wedding food at Trenton Country Club is first class. Trust me. With delicious big-day catering menu options for lunches, plated dinners, and buffet-style meals, you and your guests will certainly not be disappointed. And the team at Trenton Country Club will guarantee the process of planning your reception is totally stress-free, from start to finish. Throughout the whole process, their events team and the on-site chef will work side-by-side with you, planning every detail of your special day.

A huge range of equipment and features available to hire

The venue can also provide event rental items, to add that extra bit of entertainment or ambiance to your celebrations. Such as state-of-the-art audio equipment, furniture, a dance floor, linens, a chocolate fountain, and fine drapery. They also offer a fabulous bridal suite on-site, which is certainly worth considering.

With the history, elegance, and uniquely spectacular grounds on offer at Trenton Country Club – you should definitely add this New Jersey wedding venue to your visit list.

Your Trenton Country Club Wedding

Candid moments at this Trenton Country Club wedding

Couples portraits outside the Trenton Country Club wedding venue

Bridal Portraits outside the Trenton Country Club wedding venue

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