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The Brides at the Altar at The Palace at Somerset Park


Alysia & Yanick


Getting Ready: The Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, NJ (Bride & Bride)
Ceremony and Reception: The Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, NJ

The Palace at Somerset Park is one of the most impressive venues I have ever had the pleasure of shooting at. The pure elegance of the Ballroom was just stunning! If you are looking for the absolutely perfect wedding, look no further. I recently had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous between Alysia & Yanick. And if you are looking for an absolutely stunning wedding venue in New Jersey – then check out these wedding photos below.

Alysia and Yanick both got ready at separate bridal suites that were separated by ONE hallway. Can you imagine the stress of making sure you don’t see your bride for the first time in a hallway. Especially when there is no First Look involved.  The different rooms within are gorgeous. OH! Don’t even get me started on the lovely staff. They were on point ready to go for anything that came their way…You could not ask for a better person by your side on your wedding day 🙂Now lets talk about what they had planned to wear for this amazing day!

From the moment I met both of them, I knew this would be a fun day to remember, as they have such impeccable style! The lovely bridesmaids were all wearing blue velvet dresses, and the men were looking dapper in matching navy blue tuxes. Classic & timeless. I dig the approach to their style. Everyone should take note of their style!

Gorgeous couple

Can we also quickly talk about how gorgeous this couple is? I mean, come on. As if The Palace at Somerset Park wedding isn’t awesome enough, this couple is amazing. They were both so relaxed and chill on their wedding day, and their excitement and exuberance showed through their skin as they got ready early in the day. It was lovely. It was moments like these that make me cherish the fact that I am a wedding photographer in New Jersey and all the other cities that are famous for weddings around these parts.

The Ceremony and Reception held in their gorgeous West House Ballroom. The Ballroom is gorgeous for their extremely tall ceilings: 24-foot ceiling to be exact. A graceful staircase leads up to the private Kensington Suite: This is where the couple would walk in from for the ceremony. The Portraits The Reception.

For their wedding reception at the Palace in Somerset Park, the party got to kick off quickly and from that point on, it just keeps getting larger with the party going all night! This is my kind of wedding!

Make sure to keep scrolling down through their wedding highlights below to see some of the awesome dance moves the guests had.

The Palace at Somerset Park is definitely one of the top 10 venues in New Jersey, in my opinion. Just my personal choice, is all. Who knows what my tastes might change to next year! Haha. Enough from me, though. Check out their amazing day at The Palace at Somerset Park wedding venue.


Wedding shoes and flowers The Palace at Somerset Park Wedding

Wedding Address for bridal

Wedding Address of a cermony in the Palace at Somerset Park

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Alysia & Yanick Marrige in The Palace at Somerset Park

Alysia & Yanick mamorable wedding photos

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Alysia & Yanick wedding food photo shoot



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