Sunset Ballroom Wedding

Super elegant surroundings, wonderful catering and exquisite presentation at one of the prettiest wedding venues in New Jersey. Waterfront weddings are always magical, right?! The calming sound of the sea crashing onto the shore, or the gentle waves rhythmically rocking against the sides of a marina. The sounds are always so special, but the sights and the scenery are what makes a wedding overlooking the water incomparable. It creates the perfect backdrop for portraits, and on a clear sunny day, the best place for cocktail hour. And today’s wedding venue, The Sunset Ballroom certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to a wonderful waterfront location. Situated in a unique cross-section between the Manasquan River, Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean. This Point Pleasant Beach, NJ venue is not only blessed with a beautiful physical location, but it is also elegantly designed and expertly serviced.

A Dreamy Waterfront Wedding Venue, The Sunset Ballroom

Even if this venue was horrible inside, you’d still want to celebrate your big day here! The picturesque backdrop of The Sunset Ballroom wedding venue is uniquely pretty come day, or night. But it is especially stunning come nightfall, as the twinkling lights from the neighboring boats and buildings glisten on the water. While the natural views from the decking seem to carry on endlessly. Outside, it is charming from every angle, and thankfully the inside is just as wonderful.

From Intimate Soirées, to Large and Lavish Events

You all know I love a good venue entrance. A pretty path, a quaint bridge or a long and winding road – something that sets the tone, and whets your appetite. And The Sunset Ballroom sets their stall out early, with an elegant red brick path that winds its way across their expertly manicured gardens. This little walkway leads you to the main building, and to the ballroom. A spectacular space that can accommodate guest sizes from 40, up to 200 with ease. Their facilities and team are well-equipped to be able to create whatever kind of event you’re dreaming of, be it intimate and cozy. Or raucous, lively and lavish – their adaptable space can be organized to suit any couple.

Designed to Embrace the Beauty Outside

The Sunset Ballroom is the largest space at this New Jersey wedding venue, and it has been skillfully designed to make the very most of its blessed surroundings. On two sides of the ballroom there are large, fitted windows lining the walls that look out onto the marina, and out to the Atlantic Ocean. This wonderful use of clear glass brings the outside in, embraces the vistas and opens up this huge space even more. In order to add intimacy, and warmth to the room the team have added impressive, delicate chandeliers that hang above a polished-wooden dance floor. Surrounding said dancefloor is luxurious carpeting with a French scroll design, further adding to the refined nature of the room. Before you enter the Sunset Ballroom on your wedding day of course, you’ll want to toast your nuptials. And this gorgeous venue has just the place!

Sip Cocktails & Share Stories Surrounded by Grandeur

If you’re looking for a touch of class from your Cocktail Hour Space, then the Sunset Ballroom wedding venue will effortlessly provide. Their excellent spot is elegantly wood-paneled, and features a collection of stylish round tables. It is perfect for creating a sentimental moment with your nearest and dearest. Nearby there is also the get-ready room, a cozy space full of comfort and lots of mirrors!

A Wedding Menu Crafted to Your Taste at The Sunset Ballroom

This is a venue that prides itself on its attention to detail. On creating a very personalized experience for their guests. And by hosting only one wedding a day, the Sunset Ballroom really helps to cement this feeling of veneration. To further add to this, couples can work directly with the on-site executive chef, to craft their dream big day menu. A selection of dishes that truly reflects their taste. And there are two dining options available, both equally sumptuous and also include a custom-designed tiered wedding cake. Plus, Champagne toasts, a choice of linens, silk centerpieces, and valet parking are available in both wedding packages.

First look outside the Sunset Ballroom Wedding venue

Couples portraits outside the Sunset Ballroom Wedding venue

Ceremony Details at the Sunset Ballroom Wedding venue

Father walking his daughter down the aisle at the Sunset Ballroom Wedding venue

Wedding cake at the Sunset Ballroom Wedding venue

Party dancing at the Sunset Ballroom Wedding venue

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