5 Reasons for a First Look

Are you and your fiancé frantically debating on whether or not you should have a first look? You’re not alone. A lot of couples do not know whether or not they should have one or fits into the timeline of the day. So what exactly is a first look?

A first look is an instant in the wedding, usually a couple of hours prior to the start of the ceremony, where the couple will get the chance to see each other for the very first time on the wedding day. It is usually arranged prior to the day with the photographer in a very private, intimate place away from friends and family just give a chance to capture that moment just for them.

These incredibly sweet first look wedding photos just might convince you! Below are 5 Tips for a Great First Look:

1)     Time!!!

The last thing the guests want to do on the wedding day is take posed formals(whether it’s the family formals or the shots of the bridal party). Once the ceremony is over, its straight to the cocktail hour and time is well spent with family and friends. By having a first look, you get the chance to use the time prior to the start of the ceremony to shoot both the family and the bridal party. That way they can focus their time spent enjoying the best night of their friends lives, rather than worry, are we done??

 2)     The Nerves!!

This will get all the stress and nerves out of the way. Maybe the bride and groom will want to get the raw emotions out and I will guarantee you, someone will shed a tear(Don’t be shocked to see the Photographer tearing up too!). If you think you are the type who may cry at the altar and don’t want others seeing that, a first look may be for you! ?

As a photographer, I know someone will cry and I tell my bride and groom, what ever emotion you feel at this time, LET IT OUT!!! I want to be there to capture the emotions! Don’t hold it in. Its only the two of you out here, if you want to cry, then cry! If you want to laugh and giggle, then do that! If you think you’re going to ruin your make up, then I can guarantee, that will happen, but who cares! This first look is set up with enough time to retouch up makeup ?

3)     You’ll Look Awesome!

Speaking of crying out the mascara, this is your first chance to take posed shots together looking your best! The best thing about getting formal photos done at the beginning of the day: you look incredible! You just got touched up by a professional make up artist. I mean, yeah you will look beautiful all day! But a first look is done prior the ceremony and cocktail hour and reception time when your hair and makeup is in place(assuming you haven’t cried off that mascara  and neither of you have the chance to dirty your attire, just yet, but we cant guarantee itll stay that way ? )

4)     More time with loved ones!

Family are coming in from all over, just to spend time and congratulate the couple. What if the couple can’t even get a chance to greet them and talk to them. So why not take the time to get it out of the way?

Family formals are usually taken right after the ceremony and they will more than likely cut into cocktail hour time just taking pictures which is tough on the couple and family members who want to spend time with each other.

5)     More Photos!    

By having a first look, we can guarantee that the timeline will set the day straight on the right path and that way we can get as many photos as possible. If things are delayed, usually the first thing to get sacrificed are the photos taken. That means that family formals will have to be pushed till after the ceremony, cutting into cocktail hour. Or we will have to take the pictures during the reception. But even that may cut into precious time spending with guests or cutting into the reception timeline, like pushing off the first dance with the Father and his Daughter.

On a given day, its usually Bride+Groom Prep, Ceremony, Family Formals, Reception. What if we told you, you can get MORE professional photos with just the two of you with the brightest of emotions? There will be many opportunities to help capature moments the bride and groom gleefully glance at each other but nothing ever beats the very first time. So why not capture this very intimately??

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