What to Wear for an Engagement Session

What to Wear for an Engagement Session

You want to look your best for your engagement photos but do you need to splurge on a new cocktail dress, dress shirt, and shoes? When it comes to choosing your engagement photo attire there are endless possibilities but you don’t want to choose anything that you’re uncomfortable in. Use these quick tips to help you decide on the perfect outfit.

1. Wear outfits that reflect your personalities.

Instead of buying a fancy outfit you would never typically wear, stick with what you are comfortable with. If you like bold colors and prints go for it, if you want to pay a tribute to your favorite sports team then do it. When you are true to yourself and who you are as a couple, the images will come out better because they reflect who you really are.

2. Wear what is fitting for the season and your surroundings.

Your outfits should coincide with the time of year and complement your surroundings. You don’t want to blend into your background so choose outfits in colors or patterns that will stand out against a neutral or busy background.

3. Layers and an additional outfit.

Layers add character and texture to an image so don’t be afraid to put on a scarf, vest, necklace, hat and so on. You can get a wide range of looks from putting on or taking off a layer and items like hats and scarves can be used as props later on in the shoot. When thinking about bringing an additional outfit make sure it varies in level of dressiness. It can often be best to start out with a casual outfit and then change into something dressier later.

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