Tips for Posing at Your Engagement Session

Tips for Posing at Your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are a great way for you to get to know your photographer and practice being in front of the camera. One of the biggest concerns couples have when it comes to getting in front of the camera is how they should pose and look natural while doing so. To help you better prepare for your engagement session consider these tips.

Share what your self-conscience about:

Everyone has things they want to try and hide from the camera and things they just aren’t comfortable with. While you can secretly try to conceal these things yourself it is best to let your photographer know what you may be a little self-conscience about. They will be able to better give you suggestions for poses that will help highlight the things you really like and stay relaxed.

Choose the right location:

Being comfortable having your images taken isn’t just about be comfortable with how you look it’s about your environment as well. While you can ask your photographer for suggestions for where to shoot it is best to pick a place that you and your fiance know well. The more comfortable you are with your surroundings the more comfortable you will be with having your pictures taken.

Props and activities:

Props are a great idea to bring along to your engagement shoot because it will add a little more personality to your images while also giving your hands something to do naturally. Some props to consider can be flowers, balloons, blankets, or a chalkboard to create special signs. Activities are also something you might want to plan while you set up your shoot. Do you two enjoy bike riding or boating? Or you might want to head to your favorite ice cream shop or go for a horseback ride. Not only will you two have more fun when you plan to do something you love to do together, this fun will easily come through your in your images as well.


When in doubt about what to do, just walk and hold hands. There are many special moments your photographer can capture just by following you down a path or along the beach. Just act naturally and your photographer will do the rest.

Bonus tip:

Trust your photographer!

If you are honest about what you expect from your engagement photos and what you are comfortable with, your photographer will know exactly how to capture photos you will love. If they give you some simple direction go with it, have fun and trust that your photographer isn’t going to have you doing something that won’t look good.


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