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Classic, Candid, and Raw imagery

For couples who value AUTHENTICITY

I pride myself in holding closely 3 values: It’s all about the couple, their family, and my commitment to capture it all.

Let me be the one to help capture the memories so they live on for generations to come in a way that is authentically you.


I can guarantee one thing: This is your day, and it will be filled with a lot of emotions.

You will want someone on your side who will be there through it all capturing all of the special moments and producing images filled with rich personality and beaming with passion.



It’s All About YOU

When you’re in the midst of planning the biggest day of your life, you know one thing: You want to celebrate your special bond, your love, and the culmination of your lives together. You are unique. The way you look at each other, seeing the rest of your life in front of your eyes, is unique. The hilarious inside jokes you have with your family and friends are unique. Which certainly means your wedding is unique, and your photos should capture all of that uniqueness. Your photos should tell the story of you, and I can help you capture it.


Family First

Family is a unique gift that needs to be appreciated and treasured, even when they’re driving you crazy. As much as they may make you mad, interrupt you, and annoy you, these are the people who know you best and love you. They’re the people who hold you close during difficult times, and they’re the people who celebrate the happy times with you. I have always believed in the fact that family values come first. I thank my parents for teaching me that, and it’s something that influences the way I capture special moments.


My Commitment to You as You Say “I Do.”

I will dance with you, sing with you, cheer with you, heck I’ll even cry with you at your wedding! Why else do you think I have this big camera in front of my face? It’s not only to capture the precious moments, but to cover my tears of joy! When I shoot a wedding, I am helping to tell a big portion of your love life and capture the moments as they unfold.