Latitudes on the River Wedding

Lindsey and Ray sharing a lovely kiss at their Latitudes on the River wedding


Lindsay & Ray


Lindsay and Ray were planning their wedding with close family of guests. They wanted to keep it very personal and intimate as they had less than 100 guests attend.

We were so honored they chose us to capture one of the best days of their lives with stories left to tell future generations. They had a small bridal party along with Lindsay’s two precious little boys as their ring bearer.

Lindsay and Ray have been together for years and finally tied the knot at the Latitudes on the River in Forked River, NJ.

Since this was held in the warm spring season, the guests were all advised to head on outside to their lovely ceremony site held out by the docks. While the guests were waiting, one by one the bridal party walked down the aisle.

Wedding photos at Latitudes on the River

The bride, Lindsay was all dolled up and ready to go and see her Husband to be, Ray, patiently waiting with excitement. She was escorted by her two lovely sons.

Once the ceremony started, it was full of emotion as the officiant recapped their long relationship with how they met along with how Ray takes good care of his dear stepsons like one of his own. Lindsay and Ray then recited their vows and ended with pouring sand into a vase. For those who don’t know, pouring of the sand symbolizes their life-long commitment to one another and joining of their two lives as one. This is pretty much a blending of two families with everyone included.

Lindsay and Ray finalized their marriage with a kiss and cheers from the crowd as the officiant declared them Husband and Wife, and they walked up the aisle for the recessional. They decided to have one last kiss at the middle of the aisle for more lasting cheers and memories.

Post-ceremony portraits at the Latitudes on the River docks:

We grabbed some quick family formals out by ceremony site and quickly moved onto couples portraits of just Lindsay and Ray together out by the docks behind the Latitudes on the River

We always want to make sure our couples get a moment to themselves to capture the pure love and emotion they share. This is also the time they get to relax before continuing on to their cocktail hour and reception where its pretty much just non-stop partying.

I photographed the newlyweds embracing and standing hand-in-hand beside on the docks. Once we get the safe shots of the two of them, we ask them to show us more and step it up a notch. How about the ultimate trust test. I always suggest to the groom to dip his lovely bride. I love when my couples are up for a challenge. Once they were done with the portrait session. Its now off for them to enjoy their cocktail hour with their close family and friends prior to the reception.

Reception photos at Latitudes on the River

Lindsay and Ray wanted their Latitudes on the River wedding reception to be one non-stop party, with a casual, informal celebration rather than a sit-down lunch.

Lindsay and Ray started things off with their first dance. There was so much emotion to be captured that we kept snapping away. Both of them were beaming from ear to ear and once they were finished. They asked all other couples to join them as they all sway to their first dance.

Soon after, the DJ then requested both parents to come up. They did a joint first dance with their respective family members. It didn’t take long before Ray’s suit jacket came off. It was breaking down on the dance floor with his stepson and the party was just getting started!

The dance floor was getting pretty crowded and nobody wanted to stop. Sadly it was time to continue on with the formalities. As it was time for Lindsay and Ray to cut into their decadent wedding cake. From there, it was once again time for Ray to show off his dance moves. As he was reminded he had to take the garter from Lindsay’s leg(cue in musical cues from Magic Mike).

After more dancing and the guests enjoying the celebrations, it was time for the DJ to call it a night. But the party was still going strong, as the reception ended at 5:30 pm.

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